Friday, January 4, 2013

Closing a Door, Opening Another... and then some.

2012 has departed and 2013 has arrived.  With it, I have many things to celebrate and new objectives to occupy my time.

"Regrowth" - 1550 yards of 100% Wool
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering - Red Fox
Pattern by Toby MacNutt
First, I'm very proud to report that I not only met, but fully surpassed my 2012 Mileage Goal.  I had set a goal to knit 6.5 miles of yarn last year.  Calculating completed projects only, I'm proud to report I achieved 7.75 miles.  Some of my projects were quite small (25 yards) and took less than an hour to complete, and some were extremely large (1550 yards) and took 3 months of steady work, but all were fulfilling and fun.  I learned a great many things over those miles, experienced new techniques, and met many wonderful new people in my classes.  I don't begrudge so much as an inch of it.  And because it was such fantastic and enlightening experience, I'm going to do it again!

In 2013 I'll be adding several more classes to my usual offerings, including a sock class, a color and texture workshop, a gauge and blocking workshop and a short row shaping class.  I'm also expanding my schedule to different days of the week for wider availability.  I'm excited about the new offerings, and looking forward to developing even more classes for the Winter 2013 schedule.  If you are in the Albuquerque area, or looking to visit, and have interest in attending one of my classes, be sure to check out my Classes page for information on current offerings.

As this is a milestone birthday year for me, I've decided to treat myself with a little selfishness.  Too often knitters craft gifts for everyone but themselves.  I'm guilty of this, so for 2013 I'm going to attempt to knit one project for myself for every year I've lived.  I'm not going to say how many that is... if you don't know, just go with say 29 and call it good.

"Dance Lessons with McGonagall"
Pattern by Jessica L'Heureux
Release Pending.
I've joined a couple of new Ravelry groups to inspire me throughout the year.  One of which is Dozen Pairs of Socks in 2013, which I'll also be helping moderate.  These groups are free and open to your dedicated or occasional participation - there is no obligation.  It's a great way to gain exposure to new (usually free) patterns and techniques, whilst having a built in support system to answer your questions and cheer when you show-off your completed projects.

Along with the new classes and selfish knitting, I've got several new patterns in development and/or being plotted.  I'm eager to expand my design line into socks, and cowls.  With all this in mind, I'm setting a new Mileage Goal of 8 Miles for 2013.

What are your knitting goals for 2013?  Are you interested in learning a new technique?  Is there a new addition to your family on the way you'll be knitting for?  Share!!

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