Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I saw this picture online today and it made me think of Nana - my maternal great-grandmother.  She used to make these with crochet cotton.  I actually remember seeing her working on some.  She was a real crocheter - doilies on tables and arms of chairs, and backs of chairs, and about anywhere with a flat surface.
I miss them.  I never really liked them, but when I had them I was too young to understand the value of good hangers.  Now I know.  Wire hangers are horrible (insert your favorite "Mommy Dearest" reference here) and the fuzzy covered ones are weak and break easily and even plastic aren't that great.  I have some plastic hangers with little rubber grippies on the shoulders, but even then, they aren't like Nana's hangers.

This Thanksgiving I find myself thinking of family members that have passed away.  I seem to come from a long line of crafty and artistic people.  I hope wherever Nana is she is proud of my knitting, and understands why I don't crochet.

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