Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where Brilliance and Madness Converge

By now I'm sure you've figured out I'm not quite right in the head.  I'm still coming to terms with it.

Sitting in my studio this morning I got an email from a student having issues reconciling a stitch count against one of my charts and so, I replied that I'd knit up to where she was in the chart to figure out what was going wrong and get back to her ASAP.  I set aside the hours old, newly designed test sample I was knitting for my next class and grabbed the class knit-along sample so as to answer her question, then I glanced around at my work station and realized just how far gone I really was.  I decided I really ought to conquer some of the storm that is my studio first. And so, I took this picture.  Sometimes I need to be reminded.  I'd love to say this photo was staged, but it wasn't.

On my desk I have class materials for three different classes, test swatches and samples for three designs - six actual on-the-needles items, a class sample, yarn that needs to be wound, charts that need to be digitized and notes and tools and books and tools and notes and and and... Holy crap!  I know where and what everything is, but it occurs to me that if I were to die right now an investigator might calculate this mess as part of the cause of death.

I have no real reason to organize any of this.  It's all out where I can see it and I know the status of each item, but it occurs to me that I might have just a little more mental peace if it wasn't all in riot.  So I took 5 minutes.  I wound, stacked, put away and behold... more space for more projects!!!  Okay, so that wasn't the goal, but I wasn't aiming for clinical sanity, just a reduction of insanity.

When was the last time you took 5 minutes to organize your forest so as to see the trees?

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