Friday, June 1, 2012

New Tools - HiyaHiya Double Pointed Needles

Today I'm playing with new tools.  I just bought my first set of HiyaHiya 6" stainless steel double pointed needles in US2/2.75mm which were highly recommended.  

All of my past experiences with dpns have been inexpensive wood or aluminum needles I'd bought at chain craft stores, and they have all worked wonderfully, however the set I use for socks are showing their wear (color worn off tips, couple of rough spots from being dropped, one slightly bent... you know - loved) so I chose to take the opportunity to try a "high end"set.  

So far, I love them.  They are lighter weight and sharper tipped than my usual set.  I really love a good sharp point and wish there was some kind of standardized taper and sharpness sizing so that I could order needles online and know exactly what I was getting in advance. Until that day, my LYS will remain my primary supplier.

I like the feel of these needles - just enough tooth to the surface that my stitches stay on the needle without tempting me to tighten my tension to keep them there.  Another (silly) bonus - the size is labeled on the needle shaft.  I'm not sure how well that labeling holds up over time - I'll try to let you know a few pairs of socks from now - but I love that I don't have to check them in my needle sizer (which I can NEVER find when I need it) or try to remember the size based on their color.

Really, the only "negative" thing I'd say about them isn't even about them, it's about me.  I'm used to working with slightly longer needles (7" dpns) and am finding that the tips of the shorter needles rub the heel of my palm.  When I first begin working it's kind of a tickle, but after a while it becomes sensitive and uncomfortable.  I'm trying to adjust.  I'm wondering if others have had this issue and if this problem might be resolved by going with the even shorter "sock" dpns.  Any insights?  What needles do you love?
No, HiyaHiya did not request or pay for me to endorse their product - I just write about what I like.

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