Friday, January 13, 2012

Cliche Cleaning Clearing and Coloring

As per the cliche, I've cleaned my studio for the new year.  I worked at it as though I was on a sinking ship.  Huge amounts of time was spent on it, and none of it was planned.  It just happened.  I think it's a New Year's requirement, enforced by some invisible universal force. I was supposed to be writing up patterns, charting a design and working on class handouts, but that irksome itch of disorganization and clutter gnawed at me.

So what all did I do?  I sanded and painted my shabby, worn desks.  I randomly grabbed a paint chip at the hardware store and had "Rebel" green mixed up.  It was a great delight to discover the sheer serendipity that the sofa in my studio was an exact match to the next shade up on the paint chip card.  I removed posters displaying technical HTML data from my walls that supported me in my many years of website design.  I de-cluttered and donated old office materials, decorations and unused equipment.  I bought a new lamp and lampshade.  I put up a matching valance, and some decorative mirrors to expand the natural light.  I reorganized storage units.  I cleaned.  I breathed deep and observed the energy change. Everything looks coordinated, intentional and fresh.  It is now a space I can work in, and it's a good thing too, because I've got an awful lot of work to do, and that weekend's time is lost.

Time to get back to work!

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