Saturday, January 8, 2011

January is for Me! and New Year's Resolutions

I have decided the month of January is for Me!  By this I mean, I will be knitting projects that are meant for me.  I have numerous projects on needles which were started over the past year that were set aside so I could work on pattern designs, prototypes and gifts.  It's my turn now.  No disrespect is meant by this.  All knitters suffer from a lack of dedication to themselves when completing projects, and I encourage all knitters to follow my example and dedicate just one month a year to themselves.

I've made exactly ONE New Year's Resolution this year:  Knit ALL holiday gift projects by October.

I reason that if I begin knitting in February, and schedule myself reasonably, I can complete all of my holiday gift knitting by October.  This will further allow for last minute (panic) projects, which I will actually have reasonable time to complete (i.e. no midnight knitting sessions) AND give me time to ship gifts at affordable rates.

I don't often make resolutions, but when I do, I'm really good at sticking to them.  Let's see how I do this year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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