Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home to Maine

We went home to Maine September 16th - 23rd to visit family and attend Ray's wedding (John's brother) to Anne.

During our visit we enjoyed all of our favorites - this was truely a gastronomic vacation! We enjoyed Italian sandwiches from George's twice, had two HUGE lobster and steamer dinners (thank you again, Claire and Leo! and Mom & Bob!), a wonderfully sinful dinner of fried seafood at Ken's, a beautful family dinner with Denise, Jamie and my buddy Ethan, a classic Old Port dinner of smoked seafood chowders at Three Dollar Dewey's, and (of course) pizza at Pizza by Alex. We also enjoyed one of the best reception dinner's I've ever had at Ray and Anne's wedding.

Food wasn't the only thing we enjoyed. The wedding was beautiful! It was really wonderful to meet Nicholas and Emma, and see them not only members of the wedding party, but included in the ceremony. Seemingly thousands of photos were taken. (I'm told some of the photos of attendees were scandalous. Yes Claire, I'll keep my hands to myself.)

We also enjoyed a lovely ride through Biddeford Pool, Kennebunk, Kennebunk Port, and a drive up into New Hampshire - through Conway and on to Cathedral Ledge. We visited with friends - It was really great to see Roger, Joanne & Vic, Janet, Mike & Jane, and Jay & Debbie. We miss you all and you are all welcome to visit us here in New Mexico. It was wonderful to see all the familiar places and faces, and amazing to see how much some things had changed.

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