Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tempus Fugit!

Time goes faster and faster the older I get. Suddenly knitting on the sofa while it was too cold to go out gave way to catching the last rays of sun on the back patio - exhausted from work.

I've been working at the cement plant in the administrative office for more than a month now. I'd forgotten what it was like to work in an office I didn't manage. The company is growing and in a constant state of change, so everyday is new and somehow brings the unexpected. All in all, I'm enjoying the challenge. There are several customers, and even a couple of employees that speak ONLY Spanish, so I'm studying up. My accent is awful (SURPRISE!) but I'm able to answer the phone and get people headed in the right direction, if only by deciphering and pointing or transferring the call to the right person.

I'm rethinking my future motorcycle purchase. I'm looking at a different bike now - more of a dual sport so that I can ride offroad too. I'm eager to make a decision and the purchase so that this can become my primary vehicle. Gas prices are already climbing.

Tomorrow night John goes to Race School and hopefully will be hitting the track for races Sunday. I'm eager to see him get back to what he loves.

I've bought a family pass to the local "Bio Park" which includes our Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanical Gardens. I figure by the time summer is over, Sam will never want to see another zoo for the rest of his life.

John and I are container gardening this summer. Unfortuately we've recently had snow and frost (Easter - same as back east but not as bad)and some high winds so I have a dozen plus 12" terracotta pots on the living room floor. We put them out on the weekends when we are home and the weather permits. So far the only "deaths" were some prematurely transplanted Basil plants, and one Anaheim Pepper plant which Stinky ate whole because he couldn't wait long enough for it to produce peppers. And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for his green teeth, spicy breath, and attraction to the remaining pepper plant.

That's life from Sue Circle. Don't think we aren't calling for any reason other than exhaustion and time zones.

Love to All!

PS - Chica has hit the "Ewok" stage - she looks like a skinny bear. When I have a chance I'll post another picture. She looks so dfferent at each stage of hair growth.

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