Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Too Many Puppies!

Chris is out of town working this week, so John and I are taking care of his house and his two dogs, which means we've got FOUR dogs in the house all week long. (Thank God for a fenced in yard!)

From time to time it still gets a little nuts. Imagine having four dogs chasing and playing and running full-boar from room to room.

I decided to try and get a group picture last night. Even with treats, getting them all to sit still was a project. John and I were ambitious - we even tried to get them to sit in some kind of order. This is the best we could do.

Role Call: (counter clockwise from left) Morgan (Great Dane), Bitsy (Jack Russel Terrier), Chica (Pure American Mutt / Terrier cross), and Stinky (German Shorthaired Pointer).

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