Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Making Ornaments with Sam

On Wednesdays, Sam has a short day at school, so when Sam got home today, we started to make Christmas ornaments. My favorite project is clothespin reindeer.

This is a fun project I remember doing in school when I was just a little older than Sam.

For each reindeer, you need 4 clothespins. You saw the legs off one pin.

Monday night, I had Sam paint clothespins brown, and we left them to dry.

Of course, they got painted a little too heavily and they stuck to the newspaper. We didn't have time to work on them Tuesday night.

Today, we pulled them off the newspaper and touched up the paint. Then we glued the pins together.

Once the pins were glued together, we glued on googly-eyes. The googly-eyes take extra patience because they are so small.

Finally we glued red pompoms on for noses.

Sam liked the idea that they all got to "pretend" to be Rudolph.

I love the googly-eyes.

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