Thursday, October 12, 2006

Balloon Fiesta 2006 - Mass Ascension

This is my favorite time of year in New Mexico - the balloon fiesta. This picture doesn't even begin to do the mass ascension justice. Often when I describe it to people I say it looks like someone spilled Skittles in the sky.

This years fiesta got off to a rough start. The festival runs from October 6-15, but the opening weekend we had continuous rain with high winds and lightening - not good flying weather. But this morning was a gorgeous clear morning, and this was the view coming home from dropping Sam off at school.

Tomorrow night, John and I are planning on going to the Glow. At twilight the balloons inflate and the pilots gas without ascending. This lights up the inside of the balloon - effectively making it glow. It is a spectacular site, especially from ground level in close proximity. It's also a great opportunity to enjoy all the wonderful Fair Foods - roasted nuts, funnel cakes, burritos and fresh lemonaid.

I should have incredible pictures to post from the Glow.

More information and pictures can be found at

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