Sunday, August 5, 2018

Knit Pals Community Mixer

At long last, it is finally here and I don't think I could be more excited!

This fall, I'm hosting a virtual community mixer event. The premise is simple. I'm going to dye up two skeins each in a variety of colorways. You register online HERE so that I have a head count and know how many sets to dye. Then, after registration, I open up an exclusive mini shop to the registrants, and you each get to purchase one skein of yarn at 30% off. When I ship your yarn out to you, I'll be sending you the contact information of whomever purchased the skein that matches yours. Likewise, they will receive your contact information. From there - may a new friendship bloom! You'll each have the opportunity to reach out to your "Knit Pal" to email, chat, share and interact as you see fit, with a common colorway as a jumping off point.

Want more information? Details are HERE and questions are always welcome.
Register HERE until August 24th!
Yarns will be available to purchase no later than September 9th.

Come, enjoy some yarn and make a friend! We'd love to have you! OPEN WORLDWIDE!

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