Sunday, February 18, 2018

Shipping Overages

I've long since known there are some less than functional features of Etsy that could affect customer confidence, but what I didn't realize was that I hadn't communicated how I handle them.

Etsy calculates shipping fees per each item, not over the order total. This affects the overall rate you are charged for shipping, often making it much higher than the actual cost.

To resolve this issue I offer two solutions.

You are welcome to contact me with a list of the items you wish to purchase and I will set up a custom order with a single weight by which Etsy will calculate your shipping. I'm always willing to build custom orders whether for off the shelf items or dyed to order special purchases and welcome the opportunity to interact with you.

Or, if you place your order through the regular shopping cart, I will refund you the difference of the shipping rate you were charged and what I actually paid through the system when I generated your shipping label.

Hopefully, this clarifies how I handle this issue. I don't want a miscalculating shopping cart to be the reason you held back from buying that perfect extra skein. I've also updated the information in my shop to make this more obvious.

If you are a shop owner as well and have other solutions to this dilemma, I welcome your suggestions.

And as always, I'm open to all comments and feedback. Please let me know what you need and want.

Thank you.

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