Saturday, December 17, 2016


Looking ahead to 2017 and all that has changed with my companies, I'm making some changes.

The first, and most drastic change you will see is right here.

I've merged my blogs into one centralized location.  All Jesse Knits and Dye Monkey Yarns content is now located HERE (you're looking at it) on my new Knit Up & Dye blog. All knitting, dyeing and podcast posts will now be located here. I think this will be easier on all of us - no more chasing the monkey around trying to figure out where she put what.

All emails remain active.

There are no changes being made to my Pattern Store on Ravelry or my Etsy Shop.
My Instagram account remains DyeMonkeyYarns.

There are some more changes coming, but they will be far less noticeable. All changes are meant to streamline your experience and my workflow.

Your feedback matters. Please let me know what you like, what you don't, and I'll work to make this experience craftastic for everyone!

Happy Knitting & Dyeing!

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