Friday, May 6, 2011

TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program - Level 1

It is official.  I have received my packet and begun my journey toward becoming a Master Knitter.

Supplies for TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program Level 1.

Already I have learned sooooo much.
  1. Obsessing over your stitches will make them WORSE, not better.
  2. Learning a new cast on can be daunting, no matter how simple the technique, if you are under pressure.
  3. And finally, the program is designed to make you hate each basic stitch one swatch at a time until you wish you had never taken up knitting.  I say this half in jest.  Currently I'm working on my third swatch which features Seed Stitch, and I know I can do this beautifully, but as learned under item 1 above, obsessing makes your knitting worse and eventually you become so frustrated and hyper focused, you want to snap your needles.
In all seriousness, if you want to improve your knitting, I highly recommend this program.  I knit constantly, everywhere.  I am literally 1/100th of a mile from knitting 2 miles of yarn already this year.  I get a lot of practice.  But, when you focus to meet specific requirements, you make minor changes, learn about the anatomy of each stitch and tweak your personal technique to perfection.

Just don't waste time obsessing.

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