Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knitting Again!

"Brandy" is complete and looking lovely.  I need to complete final pattern edits before making it available for sale.

I'm not working on any new pattern designs right now, in fact, I'm working on a number of other projects including some Christmas gifts.  This little design break is causing a buildup of ideas.  When I'm not knitting, I'm making notes and researching ideas.

I recently discovered the "pinwheel" bag construction technique and I have a plethora of ideas for incorporating either aran stitches or a modular technique.  I hope to develop a pattern utilizing this construction technique.

I also attended a wonderful class on Creating with Color & Texture at Oodles Yarn & Bead Gallery in Santa Fe that has really pushed me to be more daring with both my color selections and combining fiber types.  I'm working on an amazing cover-up with a huge variety of materials such as merino, llama, silk, cotton, polyamide, acrylic, rayon and beads ranging from lace to super bulky weight.

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