Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Knitting Socks

It's a new year and I'm still knitting away. Thought you might enjoy seeing some of my finished works.... well - almost. The three on the right are hoping I'll reach down behind the dryer and find them friends. The reality is, I need to stop trying new patterns and finish some sets.

Left to Right: Jess's Striped Socks - 100% mercerized cotton, Jess's Varigated Socks - varigated acrylic, Sam's Flame Socks - Lion Brand Microspun 100% acrylic, Jess's Magic Socks - Lion Brand SuperWash Wool Magic Stripe, and finally Jess's Beaded Rib Socks - Lion Brand Microspun 100% acrylic.

The GREAT BIG WONDERFUL basket pictured on the left was one of my Christmas gifts from John. I LOVE it. It's perfect for all my yarns, and is within arms reach when I sit on the sofa knitting.

I've created another "pattern book" similar to the one I'm making for my other knit projects, but exclusively for socks. I made pre-printed pages with spaces to document all measurements, yarn yardage & type, gauge, needles, stitch counts for the various parts of the sock, and of course the pattern name and recipient. There is also space for a yarn sample, notes, and a grid for pattern stick charting. I have a small sock diagram for additional design notes, and to color in with any patterns I design. There is space for a photo of the completed socks. I bound it all with a comb binding (ahh, office products can craft!) and viola! Now I just flip to the sock I want more of and knit away - or grab a skein, needles, and a pencil and design away!

It's so great to have socks that finally fit my big paddle feet!

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