Sunday, February 14, 2016

Homeless Yarns Available for Adoption - Placement Fees Waived

This has been a wild weekend.

I dyed. I dyed a lot. Over 60 skeins of yarn went through the dye pots in my kitchen and fantastic things came out. I'm exhausted but I LOVE what I do. Dyeing yarn, creating new colors and shipping beautiful things out to wonderful people who will make even more beautiful things from my yarn is so much fun. I only wish I could do this all day long and skip the "real job" thing.

So now that I have all this wonderful yarn, I need to find homes for it. How about you? I'll sweeten the deal. Use coupon code FREE2EWE in my Etsy Shop between now and Leap Years Day (02/29/16) on your order of $35 or more and I'll ship it to your US address for FREE!

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