Saturday, August 24, 2013

I knit, therefore I am...

...tired, sore and surprised.  Wow.  I'm sure any athlete who had suffered down time from an injury would laugh at my naivety on this one.  I haven't knit in a little over 5 weeks.  I never imagined how much my muscles would have atrophied in that time period.  I joyously sat down last night and picked up my knitting.  I knit about 5 rows before the fatigue hit.  My wraps were suddenly all loosey-goosey. Needles started missing their marks and stitches got split.  Speed halved. Gauge went right out the window.  I stumbled through the last row the way a toddler argues his case to "stay up late" whilst nodding off.  It was sad. I found myself thinking back to when I first started knitting, frustrated by the inaccuracy and slow progress. It's going to take me longer to bounce back from this than I had hoped.

I did manage to wind yarn for my next OWL project in the HPKCHC group on Ravelry.  Now I just need to get back into shape for this challenge.

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